Feature and Future of GCPD e.V.

In summary, the Society of Chinese Physicists in Germany (GCPD e.V.) was officially founded and registered in Germany in 1990. As a non-profit organization, the goals of GCPD e.V. are to promote and encourage communication among our members both in Germany and in China and to establish contacts with national and international organizations. It builds also a bridge for Chinese scientists in Germany to develop new ideas, how to contribute more to the modernization of China.

Since then GCPD has registered more than 130 members. The most important events of our activities include the organization of a high-quality annual meeting and the publication of a high-quality annual journal (ISSN 1431-391X). Both important events mentioned here have been organized with the international standard since GCPD`97. Since then all conference materials and journals are made in English corresponding to international conference and journal standards. Besides participants from Germany also some famous scholars from China were, are and will be invited to join our annual meetings. We have established cooperation with Chinese Physical Society since 1997. Furthermore, many members of our society provide consultations to Chinese institutions.

Although many members of our society are studying or working at German universities, research institutes or in German companies and cannot go back to China immediately, they are very concerned about the development in China. Many members of our society have tried different ways to serve our motherland. More and more people will do in similar ways. Therefore, our society will keep developing our characteristic events like annual meeting and annual journal on the one hand and try to expand our activities a little bit in the frame of possible limited budget and time on the other hand. We will attract more Chinese scholars both in Germany and in China to join our society. We will organize some events like organization of more members to attend conferences in China and to visit Chinese institutions to promote more communication between the Chinese institutions and our society.

The past and the future of our society are connected tightly with all our old and new members for their active participation and good suggestions. We hope that more and more Chinese scholars in Germany will join our society. We welcome also more companies and institutions to support some activities of our society in a proper way, e.g. advertisements in our annual journal or to act as sponsors for our annual meetings.

Last but not least, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the Education Section of the Chinese Embassy in Germany for the constant financial support for our society in the past nine years. Our sincere thanks go also to the Berlin Bureau of Chinese Embassy in Germany, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Technical University Berlin for the generous financial support for GCPD`99. We thank also Chinese Physical Society for the excellent cooperation in the past three years.