Founding of GCPD e.V.

On June 23, 1978, the chief architect for China`s policy of "reform and opening to the outside world", DENG Xiaoping has appealed for the first time selecting and dispatching Chinese students to industrialized western countries to learn modern technology and management. Ten years later more than 100 Chinese students and scholars were studying or doing research in physics or physics-related disciplines in Germany. Despite of their busy studying, WANG Hexin and some other students spent their spare time to think about founding a society for Chinese physicists and other scientists from related interdisciplinary areas in Germany to promote the exchange of scientific ideas among them and to build a bridge for them to develop new ideas how to contribute more to the modernization of China. Their idea won the strong support of JIANG Dayuan from the Education Section of Chinese Embassy in Germany.

Based on the steady and highly efficient principle, a working group headed by WANG Hexin for the preparation of founding a society for Chinese physicists in Germany was built in the early 1989 in Oldenburg, a beautiful university city located in central-western Germany. On the one hand, these working group members began to communicate with Chinese physics or physics-related students distributed in whole Germany. And on the other hand they began to draft the charter for the society to be founded according to all the requirements for registration of a society in Germany. After repeated discussions and corrections a 12-page long charter for the new society containing 16 clauses was finally finished. The German name of the new society was chosen to be "Gesellschaft Chinesischer Physiker in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland e.V." and the first alphabets GCPD were taken as the abbreviation of the new society's name.

On May 11, 1990 the founding ceremony & the first annual meeting of GCPD took place in the Education Section of Chinese Embassy in Bonn in a simple decorated room but in a solemn atmosphere. More than 30 Chinese students as well as the responsible officials of the Education Section of Chinese Embassy in Bonn took part in this historic meeting. All participants discussed and billed the GCPD's charter drafted by the working group unanimously at first. Then the first 7-member board headed by WANG Hexin was elected democratically according to the GCPD's charter, where JIANG Dayuan was elected as an invited member of the board (see also Table 1). After that 15 high-level papers about different aspects in physics were presented, which made up another important part of the first annual meeting. Since then, an organization connecting Chinese physicists and other scientists of physics-related disciplines began with her daily work.

At beginning of 1991, the first GCPD's board headed by WANG Hexing had GCPD's society registered in Oldenburg with a notarial charter of GCPD signed by LU Bo, ZHANG Yonghang, LI Ruicheng, LI Baowen, JIA Xinan, WANG Hexin and CHANG Qing before two German lawyers. Since then, the symbol of e.V. for a registered organization in Germany was added to GCPD, so that GCPD e.V. functions since then as a non-profit organization which can accept donations from companies, other organizations or private persons for the development of GCPD e.V. itself.