Journal of the Society of Chinese Physists in Germany
Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft Chinesischer Physiker in Deutschland e.V.

Volume: 1, Number: 1, September 1991

Page(s): 1 - 2

Page(s): 3 - 38

Establsihment of the detector-based High Precision Radiant Flux Standard in the Wavelength Range from 250 nm to 800 nm Using an Absolute Cryogenic Radiometer
Fu Lei

Electron Spin Resonance of EU2+-Ions in the intermediate valence compound SmB6
L. Kan

Measuring inner scale and structure constant of atomospheic turbulence
Li Zhiping

Ultraweak Photon Emission from synchronized Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisia) in Dependence on the Cell Division Cycle
Mei Weiping

Transfer of solar radiation in spatially nonhomogeneous water clouds
Y.Y. Sun

The Research and Development of Renewable Energy Utilization in China
Wang Cheng-Xu

Application of Laser Fluorosensor in Remote Sensing of Oceanographic and Coastal Parameters
Wang Hexin

Deposition and patterning of eptitaxial Y-Ba-Cu-O thin films on silicon wuth ZrO2 buffer layers
G. Lu

The interface structure of YBCO thin films on different substrates
G. Lu

The Study of Self-Organization Process in Crystals by High-Voltage Electron Microscopy
N.Y. Jin

A New Cruicible Made of Y2O3 for Preparing Yttrium based High Tc Superconducting Films by MBE
H.S. Wang

Die Verstaerkung sproeder Al2O3-Keramik durch die Einlagerung von Ni-Partikeln
Zhang Ximing

Fermi edge singularity in the luminescence of modulation-doped Ga0.47In0.53As/Al0.48In0.52As single heterojuctions
Zhang Yonghang

Effect of hole-localization mechanisms on photoluminescence spectra of two-dimensional-electron-gas systems
Zhang Yonghang

Density dependent band-gap renormalization of one-component plasma in GaInAs/AlInAs single quantum wells
Zhang Yonghang

Page(s): 38 - 39