Journal of the Society of Chinese Physists in Germany
Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft Chinesischer Physiker in Deutschland e.V.

Volume: 3, Number: 1, March 1996

The Progress of the GCPD
Page(s): 1 -2

Page(s): 3 - 8

Evaluating traffic effects of a route guidance system by dynamic simulation
Chen Qing (陈青)
Page: 9

Laserchirurgie in der Ophthamologie: Photorefraktive Keratektomie (PTK)
LIU Baining (刘百宁)
Page(s): 10 -11

Laser 200: An outline about the German research programme for the laser development
LIU Baining (刘百宁)
Page(s): 12 - 13

Erzeugung von leistungsstarker kohaerenter VUV und XUV-Strahlung durch nichtlinear Frequenzconversion von Kurzpulslaserstrahlung
LIU Pingmei
Page(s): 14 - 15

LU Boxiang (陆伯祥)
Page(s): 16 - 17

WANG Weinong (王为农)
Page(s): 18

Vibration analysis by digital shearography
YANG Liangxiang (杨连祥)
Page(s): 19 - 20

Cation substitution of LaSc3(Bo3)4 laser crystal
ZHANG Yingxia
Page(s): 21

ZHU Xiaoyun (朱晓云)
Page(s): 22