Journal of the Society of Chinese Physists in Germany
Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft Chinesischer Physiker in Deutschland e.V.

Volume: 4, Number: 1, September 1999

Bridge for Scientific Exchange--Founding, Development and Function of GCPD e. V.
Page(s): 1 - 4

ZHAO Zhensheng (赵震生)
Page(s): 5 - 9

International High Quality Training in High Power Laser Material Processing by ELA
ZHANG Qincheng (张钦成)
Page: 10

German Funds High-Power Diode Laser Project
WANG Hexin (王河新)
Page: 10

Biophoton Statistics: Theory, Experiments and Application
GU Qiao (顾樵)
Page(s): 11 - 16

Complete Determination of the 2D-Straintensor by Means of Digital Shearography
YANG Lianxiang (杨连祥)
Page(s): 17 - 20

Optimisation of Speckle Reduction in Laser Television Systems Using Diffractive Optical Element
WANG Lingli (王伶俐)
Page(s): 21 - 26

Characterization of High-Power Laser Beams and Related Problems of Beam Quality
LUE Baida (吕百达)
Page(s): 27 - 30

The Beiersdorf Company
MEI Weiping (梅维平)
Page(s): 31 - 33

Insights Carl Zeiss
WANG Hexin (王河新)
Page(s): 34 - 37

Introduction of Siemens AG
CHEN Qin (陈青)
Page(s): 38 - 41