Journal of the Society of Chinese Physists in Germany
Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft Chinesischer Physiker in Deutschland e.V.

Volume: 5, Number: 1, December 1999

Bridge for Scientific Exchange--Founding, Development and Function of GCPD e. V.
Page(s): 1 -4

ZHAO Zhensheng (赵震生)
Page(s): 5 -10

HUANG Qing (黄青)
Page: 11

At the threshold to the "century of the photon" - Report and Analysis on Laser 99 in Munich
ZHANG Qincheng (张钦成), ZHAO Zhensheng (赵震生)
Page(s): 12 -14
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On coherence theory of biophoton emission
GU Qiao (顾樵)
Page(s): 15 -18
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Rare earth ion size effect on the physical properties of the doped RBa2Cu3O7-y superconductor systems
XU Yunhui (徐云辉)
Page(s): 19 -22
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Local mode vibration formation through driving raman action molecular vibrations by lasers
HUANG Qing (黄青)
Page(s): 24 -26

Lifetimes and transition probabilities for the low-lying levels of FeX
DONG Chenzhong (董晨钟)
Page(s): 27 -29

The density and temperature dependence of pulse propagation in semiconductor
PENG Qiyang (彭启洋)
Page(s): 30 -34

The Beiersdorf Company
MEI Weiping (梅维平)
Page(s): 35 -37
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Insights Carl Zeiss
WANG Hexin (王河新)
Page(s): 38 -41
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Introduction of Siemens AG
CHEN Qin (陈青)
Page(s): 42 -45
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Introduction of Philips
WANG Lingli (王伶俐)
Page(s): 46 -48
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