Position in GermanTech Co. Ltd.

GermanTech Co. Ltd. is a company founded in 1999 in Beijing by several Chinese scholars and entrepreneurs who have studied and worked in Europe. GermanTech builds up a cooperation platform between Germany and China in the field of measurement techniques and especially nanotechnologies. The detailed activities of GermanTech include:
1): representing german companies with worldwide market leadership mainly in nanotechnologies and surface sciences (some in laser technologies). The typical companies are Omicron Vakuumphysik GmbH (UHV systems for surface sciences, especially UHV SPM), Raith GmbH (Electron-beam-Lithography), ION-TOF GmbH (time-of-flight SIMS).
2): production and sales of its own nanotechnology products like ambient AFM.
3): patent management which mainly deals with researching Chinese literatures and financing Chinese patents

For the next expansion of our business we are looking for a Chinese for the position of a technical manager with following qualified backgrounds:
a): master degree or better Ph.D. in physics or EE
b): ability to become familiar with vacuum physics and techniques
c): fluent English or even better fluent German in addition

People with working experiences in vacuum physics, and techniques as well as UHV SPM, etc. will be preferred.

We offer to this position:
a): a full technical responsibility relevant to vacuum physics and techniques and relevant to projects. Direct involvement and corresponding project responsibility in technical development and especially manufacture of local contents. The joined research activities with our customers/cooperation partners (mostly Chinese research institutes) are also included.
b): well-performed frequent trainings/know-how exchanges in Germany and constantly tight communication and cooperation with internationally well-know companies like Omicron GmbH.
c): a reasonablely well-positioned salary in RMB or Euro.
d): working place: Beijing.

The position is to be occupied upon Jan 2002 or in special cases later.
Please feel free to contact Dr. - Ing. X.Q. ZHOU for more informations:
Dr. X.Q. Zhou
Managing Director of GermanTech Co. Ltd.
Tel . : 0241 - 912255
        0172 - 7314318
Fax :   0241 - 912293
EMail : x.q.zhou@t-online.de